Summer Sale (45% OFF)

Welcome to the Bonecraft server web store. You will find ranks, perks, and even crate keys to purchase on this web store.  Take note about our store policies and payment methods that we accept. If you experience any issues using our web store, contact a staff member on the server. Everything you purchase on this web store is lifetime and will be kept attached to your Minecraft username/uuid forever.

Why donating is important:

Donating for the server means you are choosing to support us, keep the server up, and the money that the server gains is used for improving the server! 

Payment Methods:

We only accept PayPal as a payment method for the server. PayPal allows the customer to check out with a debit card, credit card, and also allows e-checks.         bd491d15302d992409f7b512c5a9db9b36047955.png

What to do if you don't receive your goods?

If 15 minutes pass by and you don't have your in-game rewards, double check to make sure you are online on the server. This helps you obtain the items quicker when you're in-game. If you are online but have not received anything within 15 minutes, please contact a staff member on our discord, or contact a staff member in-game.

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/RaM5DaW

Our Website: https://www.bonecraft.org 

Refund Policy:

Any attempts of initiating a charge back will immediately have you IP banned from the server and any web stores you may try to access in the future. 

Bonecraft is not affiliated Mojang AB.  

Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB. 

Minecraft is © Mojang AB 2009-2020